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Rainforest Balance Holistic Health and Longevity

The rainforest ecosystem is maintained in a perfect balance, where each species and rainforest zone is interdependent for its survival on the other, from the rainforest floor up to the highest canopy.

The rainforest is a symbol for balance and holistic health. It reflects the importance of maintaining balance and harmony between all our bodily systems, mind and emotions. In particular, our modern diets and high stress lifestyles have resulted in the global increase in digestive inflammation, toxicity and hormonal imbalances and it is these very areas that we can take the most responsibility for our own health and disease prevention.

Our endocrine system produces the hormones that ensure our longevity and vitality. When functioning optimally our hormones instruct our DNA to repair and renew cells via growth hormones (HGH) and DHEA. Our biological clock is not tied to genetics or chronological time but is accelerated, slowed down or even reversed as a result of our hormonal balance. By fully supporting our detoxification systems (and oxidation response), adrenal cortisol (stress/relaxation) response and male / female hormones via diet, herbs and lifestyle changes, then we can enhance cellular longevity and vitality.

Our Rainforest Balance holistic health and longevity products focus on supporting each of the 3 interconnected foundations of physical and emotional balance.

Rainforest Balance Foundations of Health and Preventative Medicine

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" 

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