Rainforest Herbs @ Rainforest BalanceThe rainforest ecosystem is maintained in a fragile balance, where each living species and rainforest zone is interdependent for their survival. As a symbol for balance and holistic health the rainforest also reflects the importance of maintaining balance and harmony between all our bodily systems, mind and emotions. In particular our modern diets and high stress lifestyles have resulted in the global increase in obesity, chronic diseases, digestive inflammation, toxicity and adrenal / hormonal imbalances and it is these very areas that we can take the most responsibility for our own health and disease prevention.

Other than acting as the lungs of the planet in providing oxygen, the rainforests provide some of the highest biodiversity of plant species and every day we depend on rainforest plant products in the form of foods and drinks, medicines and other products that have all come to us from tropical rainforests. It is in the field of natural health in particular that new discoveries are constantly being made on the importance of rainforest herbs, spices and oils for our individual health. We can thank the many indigenous cultures of Southeast Asia for sharing the health wisdom of their ancestors and give back to them in the form of supporting their traditional livelihoods via the sustainable collection of forest products. At Rainforest Herbs we have been supporting indigenous communities and encouraging a greater appreciation in safeguarding the rainforest ecosystem for future generations since 1995.below.

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