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Rainforest Herbs products have evolved from our pioneering research and development since 1995. We have sought out the most important herbal remedies, oils and spices used for centuries in Southeast Asia and developed these into premium quality organic functional foods & supplements. We invite you to take a deeper look into the riches of the rainforest.

We all have the opportunity to improve our health, strength and performance at any age when we take greater daily responsibility in choosing the optimum nutrition to support our bodies requirements at each stage of life. By introducing specific nutrient dense superfoods and medicinal herbs into our diets we will see dramatic improvements in our family's health and freedom from preventable metabolic diseases, obesity, lowered immunity and hormonal dysfunction.

At the turn of the last century scientists believed that modern synthetic drugs would be discovered to cure every human disease and this would make herbal medicines and the natural health industry as a whole irrelevant and as we now see the opposite is the case. While medical science has evolved tremendously in critical life saving hospital care it has failed miserably in promoting health due to a fundamental error in perspective. This flaw in vision has led to a growing global health crisis in metabolic diseases, obesity, chronic poor health and pharmaceutical dependency. Health is more than the absence of disease but a state in which our whole physical and mental being adapts and performs at a higher level than what our normal physiological average would be. Walking among us are are individuals who have spent their lives studying and working tirelessly to enhance human health and freedom from preventable disease and it is from them that we can best learn the tricks and tweaks to do the same. Our biological age can be rewired when we understand the evolutionary factors that have made us what we are today and how our modern diets, lifestyles and dependency on the existing medical and pharmaceutical paradigm has robbed us of our cellular and hormonal health.

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        What does Yak Butter Tea, an ancient drink of Himalayan Tibetans, have in common with coconuts?
        March 01, 2018
        What does Yak Butter Tea, an ancient drink of Himalayan Tibetans, have in common with coconuts? They are both rich in good fats and are combined as the central ingredients in the global bulletproof coffee craze!
        Tongkat Ali FAQ's
        February 22, 2018

        Tongkat Ali FAQs are here answered by Australian Medical Herbalist Benjamin Drewe, the world pioneer in researching and developing Tongkat Ali into modern herbal products since 1995. Does Tongkat Ali really work, and if so, how? Tongkat Ali is a...

        Male Hormonal Health and the Role of Eurycoma longifolia Herb in Enhancing Free Testosterone in Ageing Men
        August 13, 2017

        The Role of Testosterone in Male Health: Having lower than normal testosterone for ones age can contribute to many conditions of poor health. While testosterone does decline naturally with age there are several other factors that reduce the level of...

        Let Coffee be thy Medicine
        July 16, 2017

        “Let coffee be thy medicine and medicine be thy coffee!” This is my adaptation of the famous quote from the Greek Physician Hippocrates. Of course he was mentioning diet as the pillar of health and indeed today, 2,500 years later,...