Rainforest Herbs Coconut Products Crazy Promotion

Coconut Crazy Promo

Our Crazy Coco Pack Promotion is now on!

This is your chance to get our entire Best-Selling range of Rainforest Herbs Coconut Health products at 20% off!

Each box contains the following 7 products:

    Bulletproof Coffee Combo:

    • Body Hack MCT Oil (Coconut Source) 200mls
    • Organic Coconut Butter 350gm

    Coconut Oil

    • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml bottle (for health & beauty)
    • Organic Odourless Coconut Oil 500ml bottle (best for all cooking purposes)

    Low Glycemic & Gluten Free Cooking

    • Organic Coconut Sugar 350gm
    • Organic Coconut Flour 650gm
    • Organic Coconut Syrup 300ml

    Normal Price is RM242.95 - less 20% is now only RM194.36

    Free express shipping anywhere in West Malaysia