Member Rewards

At Rainforest Balance we reward you for your loyalty. It's so simple, when your total orders reach only RM500 then on your next visit you will enjoy an immediate 10% discount on all following orders. Purchase more and enjoy greater discounts with our Privilege Member program as follows:

GOLD REWARDS: To become a GOLD Member simply purchase more than RM500 worth of products (accumulated over as many orders as you like) and enjoy an automatic 10% discount on non-member prices.

PLATINUM REWARDS: To become a PLATINUM Member simply purchase more than RM1,000 worth of products (accumulated over as many orders as you like) and enjoy an automatic 15% discount on non-member prices.

WHOLESALE REWARDS: The WHOLESALE Member level is achieved when your total purchases are more than RM4,000 (accumulated over as many orders as you like) following which you will enjoy an automatic 25% discount on non-member prices.


  1. Once you become a Privilege Member the pricing you see after login will automatically include your discount. However, these rewards will only take effect when you register and login to your account, not when you purchase as a guest. However, earlier purchases are still recorded (as long as you use the same email address), just proceed to register on your next order. If your first purchase is more than RM500 the discount will only take effect on your next visit.
  2. If you opt out from receiving emails and our Privilege Member Rewards notifications then the only way we can ensure no emails are sent to you in the future is to remove your account. In this case you will not be able to use any accumulative points.
  3. This is our current program and if we find a better way to support our loyal customers in the future then it too may change!


1) Capsule Products

2) Herbal Tea and Root Slices Products

3) Powder and Bulk Herb products, including Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Coconut Flour

4) Double Active Virgin Coconut Oil with Grape Extract (w/ grape resveratrol) 125mls

5) Black Seed Oil with VCO

6) YumYum Organic Coconut Butter

7) MCT Oil

8) Other products and promotions from time to time as informed only to our Member & Mailing List subscribers

Products not given here are already at a reduced price. Discount applies to product purchase totals (minus the shipping costs).

Please do drop us an email if you have any further questions or need our help to activate (or reactivate) your account.