Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Sugar is available in 350 gram packs
Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Sugar is available in 350 gram packs
Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Sugar
Nutritional comparison between coconut sugar and regular processed sugars
Coconut Sugar Vitamin Content
Coconut Sugar Amino Acid Content

Organic Coconut Sugar 350gms

Coconut Sugar is the Best Low Glycemic Sugar available

Rainforest Herbs Granulated Organic Coconut Sugar

Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Sugar:

  • Rich in minerals; potassium and magnesium
  • Rich in B vitamins, amino acids & micronutrients
  • Low glycemic for weight loss and blood sugar control
  • Supports healthy digestion with natural prebiotics
  • Used for thousands of years in Southeast Asian cooking
  • Can replace white sugar in all dishes 1:1
  • Organic certified
  • Tastes great with a slight caramel flavor
  • Great for baking and desserts!
  • For more info download our Coconut Syrup flyer here
The glycemic index of our Coconut Flower Sugar is only 35 making it the healthiest sweetener available. As coconut sugar is so high in vitamins, amino acids and minerals such as potassium and magnesium it reduces the bodies requirement for high insulin release as seen with common white sugar. This is especially important for those concerned with weight gains and diabetes. As a low glycemic food it produces a slow energy release, helping to sustain your body through daily activities without “highs” and “lows.” All other sugarcane-based sweeteners, refined white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, and dehydrated cane juice sweeteners have a high glycemic index rating of between 55 to 100. It is even lower in glycemic index than one of the most popular natural sweeteners Agave (42). Pure glucose is 100 on the scale, with high-fructose corn syrup one of the highest commonly used processed food sweeteners at around 81. As such, coconut sugar has the highest nutritional value and one of the lowest on the GI scale, making it a far healthier alternative for all your family's needs.  

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